Please feel free to reach out to our support team at any time with questions at

I'm having issues with the mobile app.

Please check to make sure that your mobile app up to date. If the problems continue, please contact our support team:

How do I connect my PlanGrid account to my DataStreet account?

Navigate to Account Settings>Integrations>PlanGrid (You will be prompted to log into your PlanGrid account).

Why can’t I create a project?

You will need to make sure that all fields are completed in order to create your project. (Hint: Confirm the zipcode is filled out).

How do I save CORs to my computer?

Navigate to your Account Settings, Select “Export COR Logs”, Select the project(s) you would like to export and click Export.

How do I update billing information?

Navigate to "Billing" and update your credit card information on file. You can also access previous invoices from this location.

How do I reset my password?

Your password can be reset through the web or mobile app. While logging in, click “Forgot Password” and enter your password.

How do I delete a project?

Select the project which you would like to delete. Press the “Delete” button and follow the steps. Note that once a project has been deleted, we are no longer able to retrieve any deleted information for you.

How do I grant someone access to my account?

Navigate to “Give Login Access” in the Employee page of your account.

Why is my project missing on my mobile device?

Make sure that you have been added to the project team.