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A recent study shows that even when construction Change Order software is growing in usage, nearly out of four companies are still managing Change Orders by hand. To finalize the Change Order details and include them in the original contract, there’s a lot back and forth between the project manager and team members. As these Change Orders are shared via word of mouth or printed copies, the process becomes unreliable and creates a potential risk of miscommunication, which will eventually affect your bottom line and projected timeline.

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Almost every construction project will need at some point a Change Order to account for additional work that is needed along the way. Whether you need to scope out the overhead costs for substantial work or you only have a few, small changes to the construction project’s estimated costs, this construction Change Order app will quickly generate the right form for you. Use this app at the client’s office or in the field so you do not fall behind on the construction contract. Users are able to track details about the client, the cost of the change, and important details about the additional job costs. This helpful and portable tool can be used anywhere by general contractors, building project managers, and other members of the construction industry. Use DataStreet anywhere and anytime, and avoid taking a trip to the office every time a Change Order form is needed.

DataStreet Change Order

What is a Change Order Request Log?

A Change Order Request log is simply a list that includes all Change Order Requests that were sent from a contractor to their customer.

Why is it important to have a Change Order?

A Change Order represents the mutual agreement between the parties on a change to the work, schedule, price, or any other term of the contract. As it represents a mutual consensus, a Change Order is usually the best and least controversial way to make changes in a project in the construction industry.

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DataStreet has increased the efficiency of our T&M and Fixed Quote processes with features like remote Work Order authorization, real time integration between the field and the office, and the ability to filter CORs by status, job, PM, Company, etc.
Nathan Burless
President AACP
DataStreet has drastically reduced our processing time for generating change order requests. The daily reports have also been great as they provide our team members with detailed updates and photos each & every day. In addition, the DataStreet team has done a great job keeping our field and office up to date with training as well as answering any questions that we may. I would highly recommend DataStreet to any subcontractor out there that’s looking to increase their efficiency.
Angie Dye, Controller | Commercial Wallboard Systems, Inc.

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