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One of the main benefits of our construction management software is that it enables you to give your clients a clear and straightforward interface they can use to review and approve any adjustments on the job with its change order management feature. Clients will be able to see what is new, pending, and approved, as well as a running total of any added costs or delays that will keep them updated during the project progress.

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"Datastreet has helped streamline our T&M and Change order process. We have had great feedback from our customers on how efficient the program is. It helps keep transparency between the office and the field which most GC really appreciate. We highly recommend this program for your T&M needs!"
Mike Elias, Casey Construction Group LLC

DataStreet Change Order Software FAQ

Who uses construction project management software?

Whoever in your project that needs access to our construction project management software can have it. Our software enables the owner, general contractor, subcontractor, external collaborators, and every stakeholder on your project to work towards the same goal.

What are the benefits of construction project management software?

Adopting a construction project management software that is cloud-based can provide you with the complete oversight and document control necessary to deliver projects on time and budget. Some of the benefits that DataStreet includes according to users are: increased accuracy of forecasts, improved communication, decreased losses, and more fairly resolved disputes.

What are some features of construction project management software?

Project tracking and scheduling, document management, and job costing are some of the features to look for in construction project management software.

How do you avoid construction change orders?

You can avoid construction change orders by:

  • Increasing collaboration & communication
  • Using face-to-face conferences
  • Identifying risks early on

Despite construction change orders are considerably frequent during the course of a project, following these steps can help you reduce the likelihood of facing avoidable ones.

Do change orders need to be signed?

Commonly, construction attorneys handle disputes where the contractor or subcontractor is attempting to recover for change order work when there was not a written, signed change order. Therefore, it is essential for most construction contracts that change orders must be written and signed by the owner to be valid and payable.

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DataStreet has increased the efficiency of our T&M and Fixed Quote processes with features like remote Work Order authorization, real time integration between the field and the office, and the ability to filter CORs by status, job, PM, Company, etc.
Nathan Burless
President AACP
DataStreet has drastically reduced our processing time for generating change order requests. The daily reports have also been great as they provide our team members with detailed updates and photos each & every day. In addition, the DataStreet team has done a great job keeping our field and office up to date with training as well as answering any questions that we may. I would highly recommend DataStreet to any subcontractor out there that’s looking to increase their efficiency.
Angie Dye, Controller | Commercial Wallboard Systems, Inc.

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